Spending Hours Cleaning Your Grout?

Spending Hours Cleaning Your Grout?

Get professional grout sealing services in Houston, TX and beyond

Your knees hurt from kneeling on the cold, stone floors. You’ve gone through a pack of toothbrushes to scrub the hard-to-reach grout. After all that effort, why does the mortar still look dingy?

Grout color sealing services from Total Finish Floors, Inc. help to:

  • Prevent water damage
  • Keep the mortar from chipping or becoming loose
  • Block stains from setting
  • Maintain the appearance of the mortar

Perhaps most important to your daily life, resealing makes cleaning easier and faster. Contact us today to schedule grout sealing services in the Houston, TX area.

Your grout will look like new

Are you frustrated with your inconsistent grout color? Sealing and staining the mortar will improve the appearance of your floors.

The dedicated crew at Total Finish Floors will remove deep-set stains from the mortar. You’ll be surprised by how big of a difference the simple process can make.

Do you live outside of Houston, TX? We offer grout sealing services within a 150-mile radius of the city. Call us right away for a free estimate.